7 tips for camping comfortably this winter

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We love camping out in winter. We regularly take our young sons on camping trips to enjoy this beautiful region and we take a little extra care to make sure our winter camping trips are as comfortable as possible.

While you’re planning your campaign adventure, please also refer to our Essential Winter Camping Checklist.


The Essential Winter Camping Checklist



1. Location of your tent

Location, location, location. This is true not just for buying real estate but for the location of your tent when you’re camping. Choose a location where your tent gets minimal wind and maximum sun exposure, if possible. A position where your tent receives morning sun rays will dry out the dew and condensation on the tent and you’ll be warmer on those chilly mornings.


2. Light a campfire

Winter camping goes hand in hand with a blazing fire. If weather and fire restrictions permit, build a campfire. A campfire not only provides great relief from the harsh cold, it’s also a place to come together and share stories of your adventures.


3. Use a liner in your sleeping bag

If your sleeping bag is in good condition and you don’t want to invest in a new one, buy a sleeping bag liner. They come in a range of materials including silk, cotton, fleece and nylons. Cotton and silk are the most common. Cotton is heavier and much cheaper, but silk is far warmer and has more breathability.

And we also recommend wearing a beanie to bed as this will keep your noggin warm which tends to lose a great deal of our body heat.


4. Dress in layers and sleep in your thermals

Purchasing woollen thermals to layer under your clothes is a wise investment. Wool allows you to breathe. It also has natural antimicrobial properties meaning you can wear wool for days without getting too smelly, and it wicks moisture away from the skin.

Not only that, when bedtime arrives who wants to get out of clothes and into pjs? It’s too cold! Keep your thermals on and use these as your pj’s – there’ll be less packing too!


5. Use a sleep mat

We cannot emphasise the importance of a sleeping mat enough. If you don’t have one, you’ll lose all your body warmth to the ground below. And if you have one that is too short, the same thing will happen, and you’ll have a very uncomfortable camping trip! Make an insulated sleeping mat a permanent part of your camping kit.


6. Eat warming food

During winter you want to keep your inner core temperature elevated so the body isn’t struggling and using too many resources to keep warm. Staying hydrated will help this as will comfort food, and winter camping is a time for comfort food and drinks. Warm stews, mash potato, pasta and damper are all our winter favourites.

6 winter warming recipes for your camping trip to Kingston


And let’s not forget warming winter teas and brews. We’ve listed our favourites right here.

Our 5 favourite winter warming drinks to enjoy around the campfire


7. Get cosy with a hot water bottle

If you have space, bring along your hot water bottle, but if not, a thick plastic bottle will do as well. Warm up some water on the campfire, fill up the bottle, wrap it in a tea towel and place it near your belly as the warmth will spread more evenly throughout your body from here.


On cold winter days, here are 6 things to do in Kingston

Heritage walks, museums, art galleries and wineries are just some of the things to do while you’re visiting Kingston this winter.


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We hope to see you around the fire pit enjoying one of our winter warming drinks this winter!