Camping this summer? Don’t forget the water!

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Drinking enough water is important all year round, but especially in summer! Don’t forget to bring plenty of water to your next summer camping adventure.

We often write about topics to help you enjoy the sites of Kingston, but occasionally we also like to share lifestyle tips. For a great camping trip in summer, keeping yourself hydrated will help you stay active and enjoy it all the more.

Did you know your body is made up of approximately 60% water? Water is the medium in which everything in our body flows to all the right places. Our blood is made up of 90% of water. Water is essential to sustaining life as we already know, we can go a couple of weeks without food, but we can only exist for three days without water.

Here’s why water is so essential to your health and wellbeing.


1. For good heart health

The heart beats at 72 beats per minute on average, pumping 7,600 litres of blood every day. If the body is dehydrated, this process become difficult, and the heart has to work harder. Therefore it increases the heart rate to get more blood and other vitally important nutrients to where they are needed.


2. Your brain works better

The brain is made up of 75% water. With plenty of processing going on, water is what keeps things moving up there! Without enough water, you end up feeling dehydrated, which leads to confusion, light headedness, mental fog, and even anxiety. Any time you’re feeling a little agitated, check the last time you drank a glass of water.


3. Removes toxins from the body

Water is the medium for taking the good nutrients to where the body needs them, but it is also the medium which channels toxins out of the body. If you’re dehydrated, the body’s ability to remove these toxins is impaired, so they sit for longer where you don’t want them to – in your body!


4. Maintains good digestion

Water helps to break down the food you eat so that nutrients can be absorbed by your stomach. For good gut health, not only do you need to take care of what you eat, you also need to drink enough water to prevent constipation and help absorption.


5. Keeps your joints nice and fluid

The fluid in your joints is made up of mostly water, so by drinking enough water, you are keeping your joints lubricated and flexible, reducing pain and stiffness.


6. Healthy and plump skin

We all know how important it is to protect our skin from the damaging effects of the sun, but we also need to protect it from dehydration which causes premature ageing and wrinkles. So please, wear a hat and drink enough water!


Symptoms of dehydration

Here are symptoms of dehydration to watch out for on a hot summer’s day while you’re camping:


  • Feeling tired and sluggish
  • Feeling light headed and dizzy
  • Headaches
  • Feeling very thirsty
  • Urinating and sweating less than you normally do
  • Dry mouth
  • Sugar cravings
  • Dark-coloured urine


We have plenty of freely available water and bottled water in our kiosk!

Your local camping shop or large retailers have many options for safe water storage. There are jerry cans, water cubes or purpose built water coolers for camping. We have plenty of water on site and our kiosk is well stocked with bottled water.

The Kingston Foreshore Caravan Park is located right on the Esplanade at Lacepede Bay. We are only 20 minutes from the hustle and bustle of Robe and we have one and two bedroom cabins, powered and unpowered sites. Book online here or call us on 08 8767 2050 to find out more about your accommodation options.


Photo by Anderson Rian on Unsplash


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