For Walktober this October, the benefits of walking and trails in Kingston on the Limestone Coast

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Walktober in October is all about raising awareness about the health benefits of walking, and there are numerous! The great thing about walking is that you can walk at any time, any where and only for 20 minutes a day to see improvements in your health.

What are the health benefits of walking?


Walking reduces the risk of heart disease, stroke, and high blood pressure

The Heart Foundation of Australia says that 150 minutes of walking per week reduces your risk of heart disease, heart attack and stroke. That’s only 20 minutes on average per day!


Walking improves your concentration and focus

Walking builds your powers of focus and concentration, which in turn helps you solve problems by boosting your creativity. In Kingston we’re blessed with national parks and ocean breezes, with many lovely walks to help you clear your head.

5 National Parks around Kingston SE to visit


5 National Parks around Kingston SE to visit


We have beautiful and protected national parks abundant in flora and fauna. Butchers Gap Conservation Park is a 180 hectare park and one of the last remaining significant coastal wetland areas between the Coorong and Robe. There are a couple of walking trails, a short one hour loop and a longer two hour loop. The trails are pram and scooter friendly so ideal for the whole family.

Bernoulli Conservation Park is a short walk south of Cape Jaffa and contains the old lighthouse cottages that provided homes for the lightkeepers of Cape Jaffa. The Cape Jaffa lighthouse operated from 1872 to 1973 and the lighthouse itself was moved next door to our caravan park so you can see it on your next visit right here.


Walking improves mental health and emotional wellbeing

Walking helps to lift a low mood or energy and instantly makes you feel better. Walking makes you look up and around, to the skies and the sun. In Kingston, there are birds to watch, flowers to enjoy, fauna to spot and more!

Birdwatching Around Kingston Foreshore Caravan Park


Birdwatching Around Kingston Foreshore Caravan Park


Birdwatching is a popular activity for visitors to Kingston SE. There is a great diversity of land and water based birds to observe in the region.

Kingston SE and the Limestone Coast has many conservation parks, bushwalking trails, bike trails, four-wheel driving tracks and coastal tracks. While exploring on your own or with the family, you’ll see many inland and coastal bird species. We’ve compiled a list of birds to look out for while discovering the region.


Walking manages your weight

Walking helps you maintain the weight you want. Moderate walking is about 100 steps per minute to maintain a good overall level of fitness. To lose weight, walking at 130 steps per minute burns off more calories.

4 walking trails to enjoy in Kingston this winter

Heritage trails, coastal trails and walks through some of our conservation parks, they are accessible for all ages, young and old, for prams and wheelchairs too. Walk on your own, with friends or with the whole family.


Walking helps to stabilise blood sugar

Walking helps to reduce the incidence of developing diabetes. With increased circulation and fresh air, the body manages blood glucose more effectively.

Take a stroll through history – Kingston’s self-guided Heritage Walk

This self-guided heritage walk take you on a gentle stroll through history, past Kingston’s oldest buildings. Each one has a plaque with historical information. There are 25 buildings and locations and the walk will take you about 90 minutes in total. Again, this one is easy and accessible for prams and wheelchair, for young and old.


For the more gentle traveller, the observer and for people who enjoy history, here are 7 ways to make the most of your camping trip in Kingston SE and Robe. 7 tips, tours and gentle expeditions in Kingston SE and Robe.


Enjoy the walking trails right around Kingston Foreshore Caravan Park

Only 20 minutes from Robe, Kingston Foreshore Caravan Park is perfectly located on the esplanade looking out to beautiful Kingston Beach. There are many places to walk from the caravan park without having to get into the car. Ask us about walking trails surrounding the park and we’ll help you develop an itinerary. Give us a call on (08) 8767 2050 or book online here.

Image from Department of Environment and Water SA