Love winter in Kingston and 5 tips to say healthy and well

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Winter is often a time to stay indoors more, to hibernate and reflect. But for some of us, it’s also a time to get adventurous and enjoy the outdoors. Kingston and Robe have loads of things to see and do during winter time.

So, if you have an adventurous nature and you like to be out and about during the winter months, here are our 5 tips to look after yourself and keep those winter bugs away.


1. Exercise throughout winter

Winter is not a time to stop exercising. Walking is one of the most available and simplest exercises around, and it is a proven stress buster, immune system booster and all round great cardiovascular workout.  A 30 minute walk every day has proven to have many health benefits.

More specifically, it increases heart fitness, strengthens bones, reduces body fat and the risk of a stroke, Type 2 diabetes or osteoporosis.

There are plenty of walks you can do around Kingston. Here are some of our favourites for all ages, and all fitness levels.


4 walking trails to enjoy in Kingston this winter


If you prefer going to the gym, The Fitness Hub is open in Kingston at 4 East tce, Kingston SE. Their equipment includes boxing bags, cable machines, squat rack, barbells, smith machine, all cardio machines and free weights plus more.

2. Eat immune-boosting food designed for winter time

Winter fruits and veggies have specific vitamins and nutrients designed to help you stay healthy in the winter time. And fresh is always best so a trip to the local market garden is the best place to get as fresh as can be.

Oranges and mandarins, traditional citrus fruits, contain a high level of Vitamin C that is easily digested by the body. Dark green leafy vegetables such as spinach and kale are essential additions to your ingredient list too in winter, along with mushrooms, garlic, broccoli, cauliflower and pumpkin, which contain beta-carotene and bioflavonoids that have anti-inflammatory properties and are powerful antioxidants.


3. Keep warm

Not to state the obvious, but keeping warm in winter helps you stay well. Not because you’ll “catch a cold”, but because the body needs warmth and comfort to be strong and resilient to chills and bugs. Layers are the best way to stay warm when you’re out and about adventuring or camping in the outdoors.

Wear a singlet, add merino wool layers which can be easily removed and stored in your bag or backpack when you feel warmer, wrap a scarf around your neck and always wear a warm coat on cold days. Have a look at our winter camping list guide below.


The Essential Winter Camping Checklist

winter warming drinks



4. Drink warm broths and teas

Especially around a camp fire!

Your body wants warmth from the outside and from the inside during winter, hence warm broths and teas are ideal. Forget the iced water or any other cold drink. To stay well and warm in winter drink only warm broths, soups and teas. Did you know that teas are rich in plant flavonoids which are natural antioxidants and tea drinkers have a lower risk of diabetes and heart disease.

And if you’re camping this winter, have a look at the following our 5 favourite tried and tested recipes for winter warming drinks that will warm you to your very bones!


Our 5 favourite winter warming drinks to enjoy around the campfire


5. Get plenty of sunshine and Vitamin D

Vitamin D is needed for strong, healthy bones and muscles and the sun’s UV rays are the best source of natural vitamin D. The role of vitamin D is to retain and absorb calcium and phosphorus, which are essential nutrients for building bone and muscle. The best way to do this is to get a little outdoor activity every day in winter and especially during sunny days.  In winter when the UV index is below 3, you only need 15 minutes or more in the sun.


Here are some activities out and about in nature. For fresh air, sunshine and a boost to your mental and emotional wellbeing!

5 National Parks around Kingston SE to visit


Related article: Why nature improves your mental and emotional health


Love winter at Kingston SE

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