5 ways to store water safely when travelling

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Having enough water and storing your water supply safely on your camping and caravanning travels is a must. You don’t realise how much you rely on water until you run out. And you don’t want that to happen in the middle of nowhere!

You need water for drinking, cooking, cleaning, showering, washing clothes, and washing up the dishes. That’s about five litres per day per person on the trip to cover these essentials. You can use less than this with a few water saving tips and the right sort of containers.

Here are five ways that we recommend to safely store water on your journey so that you have enough to go around and so that everyone on your journey avoids tummy troubles.


1. Jerry cans

Jerry cans are easy to find, affordable, portable and easy to store. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit your vehicle and the space you have. They can be a little smelly especially if they are new so give them a good clean before use. An advantage of jerry cans is that you can take a few in various sizes to fit different spots in your vehicle, and you have more than one in case they leak or break. The disadvantage is that once you’ve drunk the water, you are carrying empty containers which take up space in your car.


2. Bladders or soft water cells

The biggest advantage of soft water bladders is that they don’t take up as much room. Once they are empty, you can pack them flat and store them away. There are many more options now for different types with drinking spouts, pourers and even attachments for showers. They are easy to fill and easy to store once empty. They come in sizes from 20 litres to 150 litres.


3. Water tanks

If you love your adventures and are away regularly, then consider investing in a water tank that lives in your car. You’ll have access to running water whenever you need without having to unpack anything else from your vehicle.

Water tanks need to be refilled from a water supply and you’ll also need to use purifiers to keep the tank clean and the water drinkable.


4. Portable water filters

There are many types of ready-made portable water filters for campers and caravanners which are very useful if you come across a source of water but you’re unsure of the quality. They remove bugs such as giardia and cryptosporidium which cause stomach pain and they will improve the smell and taste of the water. You may also want to chemically treat the water if it’s very dirty.


5. Chemical treatment and purification tablets

We suggest carrying water purification tablets with you on your journey. You never know when you might need to use water that you don’t really want to, but have to. With chemical treatment, there will be an after taste but at least you know you’re not taking in any dodgy bugs.


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