Our favourite food and drink recipes for camping in winter

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winter warming drinks


Do you love camping in the cold weather? We do, but to make it an enjoyable experience, staying warm and cosy is essential. And there’s nothing quite like a delicious belly-warming meal and beverage around a fire to make camping an experience to be remembered.

We’ve compiled our favourite camping recipes right here that will appeal to both kids and adults. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!


Damper, pancakes, nachos and baked potatoes

Loved by everyone and ever so easy to make. These recipes can be cooked or baked in a camp oven, or you can use our camp kitchen which has microwave ovens, a stovetop, refrigerator and barbecues.

Damper is a real treat in our family. All you need is flour salt and butter, rub it together, let it sit for about 30 minutes, and cook it up. We enjoy a warm slice with lashes of melting butter – delicious!

We prefer one-pot meals when camping, they are easier to prepare and always taste better out in nature.

Click below for some of our one pot recipes.


6 winter warming recipes for your camping trip to Kingston

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Yummy drinks – hot chilli chocolate, apple cider, spiced chai, mulled wine

Perfect for cold winter nights, these recipes are tried and tested, some for adults and some for the kids. They are easy to make or prepare before your camping trip.

Bring your cuppa and enjoy a drink around the campfire on cold winter nights with other guests. Our communal fire pit brings families and travellers together to share stories after a day out exploring.


Click here for recipes  – Our favourite winter camping drinks


Veggie, rice and chicken bowls, tuna and corn jacket potatoes anyone?

Even though we have listed these as summer recipes, if you like your bruschetta, salads and veggies you’ll find some delicious recipes here too.

You can prepare or cook these recipes at home before you arrive and simply heat them up when you get here. Our camp kitchen has an oven and microwave to cook or reheat, and refrigerators to store your food and keep it fresh.

Click here for our recipes!


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And if you prefer to dine out, here are some of Kingston’s places to eat and drink!

When you come to Kingston SE to relax and unwind, you don’t need to travel too far to get a good meal. Whether it’s for breakfast, lunch or dinner, you will find local eateries within walking distance of Kingston Foreshore Caravan Park.


Eating out in Kingston SE – Cafes and Restaurants


Book into Kingston Foreshore Caravan Park


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