Four wheel driving in Kingston and Robe? Here are Cameron’s tips

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Cameron was born and bred in Robe on the Limestone Coast of South Australia. He knows the terrain around Robe and Kingston like the back of his hand and has traversed many roads and tracks in the area. Cameron is a friend of Kingston Foreshore Caravan Park managers, Chad and Kristy. In this blog, he shares his tips on four wheel driving in Kingston and Robe.

“If you like four-wheel driving on beaches and sandy dunes, then you’ve come to the right place. Most of the beach from Robe to Beachport can be done in a four-wheel drive and the scenery is stunning.

Three of my favourite places along this coastline track to stop for some R&R and 4WD adventures are in Little Dip Conversation Park – Stoney Rise, Bishops Pate and Little Dip Beach. They are all linked and can be done in one trip.”

Little Dip Conservation Park

“Just behind Robe, you’ll find the Little Dip Conservation Park which is a protected area for its many bays and birdlife. The coastline is rugged and beautiful. It starts near Robe ending at the Little Dip beach, along the Nora Creina Road.  Along this stretch are some excellent beaches and opportunities for four-wheel driving, fishing, surfing and snorkelling.”

Stoney Rise

“Stoney Rise is a beach known for the annual Easter Classic Surfing Competition. It is located at the start of the Little Dip conservation park and has good surfing and fishing opportunities. If you love four-wheel driving over sand dunes, this has plenty.

There are also bays, beaches, rock pools and reefs to swim, fish and dive in, it is an ocean lover’s paradise.

You can get to Stoney Rise with a 2WD, it’s an unsealed road, but you’ll need to walk the last distance to get to the lookout. Once you get onto the beaches with the sand dunes, you definitely need a four-wheel drive.”

Bishops Pate and Domashenz Bay

“If you keep driving from Stoney Rise south along the beach for about 8 kilometres, eventually you will get to Domashenz Bay and Bishops Pate which is an 800 metre long beach with reefs off the beach – excellent for surfing, snorkelling and diving. There are tracks off the beach which take you inland onto sand dunes and coastal scrubs where you can have a bit of fun negotiating the terrain with your four-wheel drive.

At Bishops Pate there are two tracks – a low and high track with soft sand so it’s common to find people bogged in this area.”

Little Dip Point/beach

“Another 7 kilometres along the beach, you’ll come to Little Dip beach. If you don’t want to travel along the beach, you can also drive the unsealed Nora Creina Road along the coastline linking the beaches.

At Little Beach, there are freshwater lakes and bushwalks, as well as several camping sites. You’ll need to book with the National Parks and Wildlife Service ahead of time to secure a camping site.

From Little Dip, you can travel all the way to Beachport along the beach with a small detour at Nora Creina before you head back onto the beach. The whole trip is around 50 kms from Robe to Beachport – a great day out!”

Four Wheel In Kingston – Driving Tips

“I’d recommend all the basics:

  • Let your tyres down.
  • Have all your basic 4WD tools – snap straps, tow ropes, jacks.
  • Write down a couple of numbers for 4WD assistance – there are locals that will help you get out of bogs or sticky situations for a fee and you’ll find their numbers at the local service stations.
  • Many beaches along this stretch are not surf-patrolled so take care when swimming.
  • September to June is the ideal time for four-wheel driving on the beaches, during winter it can get wild, windy with more risk of getting bogged. If you go during summer, you get to do some diving or fishing as well.

In the summer months there are lots of cars around and 4WD clubs will take tours down here so there is plenty of assistance if you need help.

If you’re camping and need to buy permits or want to download maps, visit the National Parks and Wildlife Service SA. ”

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