Take a stroll through history – Kingston’s self-guided Heritage Walk

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kingston se heritage walk
Image by State Records of SA


Kingston SE was founded in 1851 and by 1865, was declared as a safe harbour for wheat, wool and ships. The town began to grow and by the early 1870’s, it was a bustling seaport and thriving with hotels, banks, churches and shops.

The town was named after Sir George Strickland Kingston, a South Australian politician, benefactor and architect. Its prosperity and growth was also strongly influenced by Archibald and James Cooke, who wanted a safe port from which to ship their wool directly to England.

This self-guided heritage walk will take you to Kingston’s oldest buildings and you will find plaques on each building with information and photographs of its history. The tour is a collaborative project between the Kingston District Council and the Kingston Branch of the National Trust of South Australia.

There are 25 buildings and locations that are part of this self guided walk. The tour will take you about 90 minutes in total for a moderate paced walker.

25 Highlights of the Kingston SE Heritage Walk

  1. Cape Jaffa Lighthouse
  2. The Lightkeeper’s Cottages
  3. The Customs and Harbourmaster’s House
  4. Site of Cooke Brothers’ Stores and the Old Wool Store
  5. The Royal Mail Hotel
  6. The Old Courthouse
  7. The Telegraph Station and Kingston Post Office
  8. The Old Gaol and Police Station
  9. Site of the Lacepede Bay Schoolroom – the Kingston School
  10. The Old Bank House
  11. JJ Jarmin’s Sawmill Complex
  12. Vine Cottage
  13. Otter House
  14. The Anglican Church
  15. The Uniting Church
  16. The Kingston School
  17. Site of the Lacepede Bay Institute Hall
  18. Site of Paterson’s Store
  19. The Crown Inn Hotel
  20. Site of the Kingston Arms Hotel
  21. Dudley Bridge
  22. Site of the Pinkerton Butchery
  23. Site of the Kingston-Naracoorte Railway and the Stationmaster’s House
  24. The Old Council Chambers
  25. Site of the McCheyne Free Presbyterian Church

You will find more information about each site on the Kingston SE Self-Guided Walking Tour Map which you can download here.

Along the walk, you will pass by some of Kingston’s cafes and eateries. Take a moment to stop for lunch, coffee, sweets and treats or browse Kingston’s gift stores that you will find along your merry way.

Go at your own pace and we hope you enjoy learning about our beloved Kingston SE’s history.

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