11 tips to stay cool on your summer camping adventure

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Summer is the most popular season for camping at Kingston SE. Our caravan park is situated across the road from the beach and our visitors enjoy the ocean breeze, water activities and watching the sunsets in summer.

If you’re camping in a tent, staying comfortable during hot summer days needs some planning. The little things that make all the difference.

Here are our 11 tips to make your camping trip as cool and comfortable as possible this summer.

1. Choose your campsite under the shade

Find a campsite under the shade of a tree where possible. Remember that a site that is shady at 9am won’t necessarily be shady at 3pm, and the afternoons are hotter. Position your tent to maximise shade especially in the afternoon. And of course we’re here to help you pick the ideal spot.

2. Remove the rain fly and add a reflective tarp

A reflective tarp will do wonders to keep your tent cooler on a hot summer’s day. They are relatively inexpensive to purchase for the benefits they offer. To receive the best cooling effect, position the tarp 20 cms above the tent so air has room to circulate and cool the tent surface.

3. Add ground cover under your tent

Adding an insulating ground cover under the tent will minimise heat rising into the tent from the ground up. Use the same cover that you would for winter campaign, a layer of insulation is all you need.

4. Choose light weight sleeping bags or a simple sheet

If you’re a regular summer camper, then it’s worth investing in a lightweight sleeping bag for comfort. But on very hot summer days, a sheet is all you need as even light weight sleeping bags prevent the breeze from cooling your body. Place a sheet over the mattress for comfort and have another to cover yourself.

5. Keep tent windows open in the evening and day to allow air flow

It’s best to choose a tent with lots of mesh and plenty of opportunity for air flow. Keep the mesh closed but open the windows all day to allow as much breeze to circulate in the tent.

6. Place the windows or door of the tent in the direction of the wind for air flow

Find out the direction of the wind and position the angle of your tent so that the door or largest windows will allow the breeze to enter. A small but very effective trick to stay cool!

7. Take a portable fan

There are many battery-operated portable fans available on the market and we highly recommend taking one of these when camping in summer. A little bit of breeze makes all the difference!

8. Place a towel soaked in water on your head or neck

This is an instant way to cool down and stay comfortable on hot days or nights.

9. Wear light coloured clothing during the day

Dark colours absorb the heat while lighter colours reflect the heat. Take only lighter coloured clothes on summer camping holidays – it makes quite a difference to your wellbeing!

10. Pack plastic bottles with frozen water

These have several uses: they are excellent for cooling food in the cooler, you can drink them as they melt and take one to bed with you at night and place at your feet to stay cool. If you have a pet with you, they will also enjoy licking the condensation from the bottle to cool off.

11. Stay hydrated and wear a hat

Last but definitely not least, staying hydrated will make the difference between coping or not coping with the heat. Children dehydrate faster than adults so keep an eye on the kids and make sure to replenish your fluids regularly on hot days.

Wearing a wide brimmed hat will minimise dehydration and sun stroke on hot summer days.

Enjoy summer camping at Kingston Foreshore Caravan Park

We have modern amenities and facilities to make your summer camping holiday a comfortable one. The caravan park has plenty of shade with many trees and is across the road from the beach. Enjoy sunset strolls or a day frolicking on the beach staying cool.

Other information:

The kiosk is open daily from 8am-6pm and stocks essential supplies.

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Kingston has several festivals and events going on throughout summer 2019-2020  which you can find here.

We have powered and unpowered camping sites, 1 and 2 bedroom cabins with ensuites. Contact us on (08) 8767 2050 to discuss your summer camping trip or book online here.