4 walking trails to enjoy in Kingston this winter

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For keen bushwalkers, history lovers and birdwatchers, Kingston has diverse walking trails to explore. Kingston has a rich maritime history dating back to 1851. In 1865 it was declared a safe harbour for wheat, wool and ships. By the early 1870’s, it was a bustling seaport and thriving with hotels, banks, churches and shops.

On the walks you can’t help taking in the ocean freshness, but you might also pick up a sense of what it was like to live here during the 19th century. Here are four distinctly different walking trails.

1. Butcher Gap Conservation Park

Butcher Gap Conversation Park is a 12-minute drive from the caravan park and was purchased in 1983 by the National Parks and Wildlife Service. It is one of the last remaining wetlands and coastal scrubs between the Coorong and Robe and home to many species of native flora and wildlife.

With well-maintained walking trails, this 180 hectare park is located along the coast and has views out to the ocean. The area is a bushwalker’s and birdwatcher’s paradise!

Butcher Gap is a refuge for native birds. In winter you might spot the rare Orange-bellied Parrot, Rufous Bristlebird, or the Shy Brown Quail. During spring you’ll see the chestnut teal, mountain duck, black duck, herons and swans.

The park is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and entry is free. You can take a short loop walk for one hour or a longer walk for 2 hours.

You’ll find more information about the park on the Butcher Gap Conservation Park Interpretive Trail brochure.

2. Kingston’s Heritage Trail

If you enjoy learning about rural Australia’s history, especially Maritime history, you’ll enjoy this self-guided heritage walk through the township of Kingston. There are 25 buildings and locations that you’ll see on this self-guided walk which takes about 90 minutes in total for a moderate paced walker.

The walk takes you past Kingston’s oldest buildings and each location has a plaque with information and photographs of its history. The tour is a collaborative project between the Kingston District Council and the Kingston Branch of the National Trust of South Australia.

It’s a wonderful way to experience Kingston. So rug up, get a coffee and stroll through Kingston’s history this winter!

3. Kingston Coastal Trail

Along the coast of Kingston Beach, you can choose a 2 km or 5 km loop along the esplanade on Lacepede Bay, that meanders around to Maria Creek and back to the caravan park.

This walking track is pram friendly, skateboard friendly and scooter friendly so it’s a nice easy stroll for the whole family.

4. Cape Jaffa and Bernouilli Conservation Park

Cape Jaffa is a 20-minute drive from the caravan park. Located on the headland, it looks out over the Southern Ocean. When you get there, you’ll find a seaside village called “the Anchorage” which has a marina, fishing port, accommodation and marine services.

A short walk south of Cape Jaffa is the Bernouilli Conservation Park which still contains the old lighthouse cottages that provided homes for the lightkeepers of Cape Jaffa. The Cape Jaffa lighthouse operated from 1872 to 1973 and the lighthouse itself was moved next door to our caravan park so you can see it on your next visit right here!

If you enjoy maritime history, you’ll appreciate the tenacity and determination of both the lighthouse keepers and seamen. They navigated treacherous waters through Margaret Brock Reef to arrive at Cape Jaffa with seamanship that would make anyone proud. It’s a short easy walk and a nostalgic trip through history.

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