Things to do this spring in Kingston SE for all ages

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Thinking of visiting Kingston this spring? Here are things to do when the hint of summer is in the air but not quite hot enough to swim! For all ages – for lovers of nature, birds and art.


For nature lovers

Kingston has an abundance of wildlife, birdlife, woodlands, coastlines and lagoons in serene and protected national parks. This includes the world-renowned Coorong National Park which stretches for 140 kms from the Murray Mouth (where the Southern Ocean meets the Murray River) to Kingston and is protected from the ocean by sand dunes.

Chad and Kristy manage the Kingston Foreshore Caravan Park, and together with their two small sons, they regularly travel to the Coorong to enjoy peace and quiet. They share their favourite activities here.


Chad and Kristy’s favourite things to do on the Coorong


Along with the Coorong, Kingston is close to several other national and protected wildlife parks which include:

Butchers Gap – a 180 hectare park and one of the last remaining significant coastal wetland areas between the Coorong and Robe. It’s 6 kms from the caravan park and looks out over Lacepede Bay.

Mount Scott Conservation Park – a birdwatcher’s paradise, Mount Scott Conversation Park is located 25 kms from the caravan park. You’ll find the rare malleefowl, galahs, new holland honeyeaters, and eastern rosellas. Native animals often seen in the park include the red-necked wallaby, wombats and the western grey kangaroo.

Bernoulli Conservation Park – a short walk south of Cape Jaffa is the Bernouilli Conservation Park, about 20 kms from Kingston. The park still contains the old lighthouse cottages that provided homes for the lightkeepers of Cape Jaffa. The Cape Jaffa lighthouse operated from 1872 to 1973 and the lighthouse itself was moved next door to our caravan park so you can see it on your next visit right here.

Jip Jip Conservation Park – another scenic day trip from the caravan park is Jip Jip Conservation Park which is a 50 minute drive, or another 50 kms on from Mount Scott. The park is known for its impressive granite outcrops with balancing rocks which are part of Padthaway Rise. Visitors to the park enjoy picnics, walking and observing the wildlife.

To find out more about these wildlife parks, please click here:  5 National Parks around Kingston SE to visit

For birdwatching


Fairywrens, finches and rosellas, and many species of waterbirds are abundant in Kingston. Birdwatching is a popular past time for many of our visitors. You can read more about the variety of birdlife we have here:

Birdwatching Around Kingston Foreshore Caravan Park


For tree huggers


From 40 metre high red gums to mallee trees and various eucalypts, you’ll find diversity in our forests which are home to the local and native birds, marsupials, reptiles and fish. The SA Blue Gum Woodlands are commonly known as Blue Gum in SA due to its bluish foliage, and is used for commercial purposes – posts, poles and firewood. These trees can reach a height of 25-30 metres with large pink or cream blossoms, but now only occupy about 10% of their original footprint. They provide a haven for native fauna and abundant flowers for migratory birds and native wildlife including reptiles and mammals.

For more information about our forests please click below. Are you a tree lover? Native trees to look out for in Kingston SE


For art lovers

If you enjoy meandering through art galleries showcasing local artists, then you’ll find plenty to enjoy in and around Kingston, Robe, Penola, Millicent and Naracoorte. Influenced by the natural landscape of the Limestone Coast, you’ll be inspired by the diversity of art created in our local community.


Find out more about art galleries and locations here. Art Galleries in Kingston and Robe 


Visit Kingston SE this springtime and stay with us on the foreshore at Lacepede Bay

Enjoy the sounds and smell of the sea from our caravan park, located on Lacepede Bay. Take long walks on the beach appreciating sunsets that change every night, and make use of our modern amenities and variety of accommodation to suit your needs. Book online here or call us on 08 87672050.