Want an easy camping weekend with the family? Visit Kingston SE

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Camping is a wonderful way to create memorable experiences for your family when your kids are younger. If you have the outdoor bug so to speak, Kingston Foreshore Caravan Park is an ideal place for a family camping weekend because it has camping sites for the:

  1. Experienced camper – powered and unpowered sites
  2. Not-so-experienced camper – powered sites and even cabins!

Situated on the foreshore of Lacepede Bay, our caravan park provides the perfect backdrop for a camping weekend for you and the family.

A good camping experience with the family comes down to good preparation – every time. The more you camp, the easier the preparation gets. It may seem like a lot or work to simply go out and enjoy nature for the weekend, but the preparation, set up and packing up is all part of the camping experience – it wouldn’t be the same without it!

Here are some of our camping tips to help you get prepared for a fun family camping weekend in Kingston.

Use clear tubs

On the campsite you need easy access to your things – food, utensils, clothes, toiletries etc. We find using clear tubs which are cheap to buy ideal for camping. They stack well and are waterproof. You can easily find what you need without rummaging around and creating disorder.

We suggest labelling the tubs into the following categories:

  • Kitchen items
  • Food/snacks
  • Bath/toiletries
  • Clothes
  • Games/entertainment

Pack enough clothes and bring a fabric clothes hanger

Camping is about getting a little dirty or even wet. Make sure you’ve packed enough clothes for yourself and the kids if one of them happens to slide down a muddy bank or fall into the creek. Plan for weather changes and rain. Invest in items that are easy to wash and take up little room. Take raincoats, hats, layers and an extra pair of shoes that can get dirty.

Pack a fabric clothes hanger with compartments that you can hang inside the tent – we find it easier to keep clothes clean this way and the kids can easily locate them without throwing all the clean clothes on the ground.

Pay attention to the food and prepare

Do some research on what sort of food to take with you and what to prepare. Sitting around the campfire as a family, sharing stories of the day and enjoying your meals is a bonding experience, so make sure the food is yummy. Check out our blog 6 winter warming recipes for your camping trip to Kingston. Although these are cosy winter recipes, they are yummy all year round.

Set up a washing station

Getting dirty and grubby is all about a good camping experience. But you need a way to wash the dirt off easily before meals or bedtime. Set up a washing station with a water dispenser, a bucket and some natural soap. You can bring anti bacterial wipes if you want to, but a washing station with water, towels is environmental friendly and most often enough.

Bring games and cards for indoors

At some point during your camping adventures, you will experience a weather change and the rain might set in. Yes beautiful days are ideal when camping, but you need at least one story to tell in the future about that rainy weekend on camp!

Best to prepare for possibly being stuck indoors for a while. If you want to keep technology out of the camping experience, make sure you take games, a set of cards, music and anything else you might need to entertain you and the family inside the tent.

Bring a backpack for each of your kids

Before you leave for your camping weekend to Kingston, get the kids to pack their own backpack. This will get them thinking about the camping adventure and more involved in the prep. Pack essentials such as their water bottle, tissues, a snack, a spare pair of socks, their hat and sunscreen. When you take a walk, they will be responsible for carrying their own backpack too.

Kingston Foreshore Caravan Park makes a family camping weekend easy

With our amenities and facilities, we make a weekend away camping as easy as it can be. We have fire pits (during permitted times in the year), a camp kitchen, outdoor BBQ’s, a kiosk and a laundry. Call us on 08 8767 2050 or book online here.

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