Why nature improves your mental and emotional health

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Mother nature knows best. She soothes, heals and restores your mind and body and helps you to feel more at peace. As nature lovers know, when you’re among trees that are very old, with rocks and boulders that have been there for centuries, and next to rivers that have also been there for eons, you realise you’re a small part of this vast planet and all life, which continues to grow and expand regardless of whether you are worrying about money, the kids or your next doctor’s appointment.

Next time you’re among the birds and trees, notice that it’s hard to feel down or restless. If you stop and take a moment to listen to the sounds of nature, you’ll feel better instantly.

Research has now been able to show that spending at least two hours a week in nature boosts your health and wellbeing by lowering your stress hormones.

After two years of the pandemic and lockdowns, being outdoors this winter is more important than ever. There are many beautiful spaces and places to visit around Kingston and Robe that you can relax in, and enjoy the sights and sounds of nature.


National parks

Our national parks have an abundance in wildlife, birdlife, woodlands, coastlines and lagoons. Around us we have the Coorong, Butchers Gap, Bernoulli, Mount Scott and Jip Jip Conservation Park. They are all close by, and have walking tracks, picnic spots and viewing platforms.

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Are you a tree lover?

A walk through one of our parks or forests is more interesting when you know what you’re looking at. When visiting one of the parks listed above, have a look for Red Gums, the Mallee tree, Grey Box Eucalyptus and Blue Gums.

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Now that you’ve found the national park you want to visit, and you know what trees to look out for, it’s time to do some birdwatching. You’ll find a wide variety in our region. Watch for delightful Fairy Wrens, Finches, Rosellas and Wattlebirds. You might also come across rarer species such as the Malleefowl and Bellbird. If you head down to the water, you’ll see Sandpipers, Herons and Grebes.

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Walking trails

There are several walks you can do in and around Kingston and Robe. There are ocean walks, heritage trails and walks through nature. There is something for all ages and abilities to enjoy.

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Fishing, boating and 4WD’ing

If you’re keen for more adventure, we have plenty of four-wheel driving tracks on the beaches and dune. May to October are the best fishing months and you’ll find tommy ruffs, garfish, King George whiting, mullet and squid, close to the shore. We’ve gathered the best tips from our locals on where to go for fishing, boating and four-wheel driving and you can find them here!

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Get back to nature this winter – visit Kingston SE

The Kingston Foreshore Caravan Park is located across the road from the beach and we’re surrounded by forests, hills and the ocean. There is plenty of natural beauty to reconnect with for some well-deserved rest and relaxation.

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